How could you response to a waiter’s question “几位(jǐ wèi)”?

Most of us know the measure word for people is “个(gè)”, for example 一个人(yí gè rén),一个孩子(yī gè háizi). You may also know “口(kǒu)” for the sentence: 你家有几口人(nǐ jiā yǒu jǐ kǒu rén)? If I ask for one more, you will probably give me “位(wèi)”. As a measure word for people, “位(wèi)” is used to express Read more about How could you response to a waiter’s question “几位(jǐ wèi)”?[…]

Emoji in Chinese

Recently I read an article about emoji on different platforms. The author says “But different platforms display the same emoji specification in different ways…That can lead to all kinds of misunderstanding.” This makes me think it’s not only a problem caused by different devices, it might cause more misunderstanding due to different cultures. One example Read more about Emoji in Chinese[…]