Need a New Year Resolutions? How about learning Chinese!?

With New Year’s upon us, it is time to come up with a resolution. Lots of people fail to keep their resolutions because one sidetrack leads to another until completely failing all together. This year I recommend doing something more manageable – learning Chinese! I know, I know! Learning Chinese sounds difficult, but in truth it is easier than you may imagine. If you have ever attempted to learn Chinese but gave up because your schedule worked against you, then we have solutions flexible to your schedule aimed at giving you time to learn! Below there are a few recommended schedules which will surely help you achieve a Chinese level of HSK3!


You won’t need the entire year to be proficient Chinese speakers! Squeeze a lesson in between Netflix episodes, and not only will you know how House of Cards ends (don’t worry, no spoilers here), but you’ll also be able to describe it in Chinese! Some of you will be pessimistic at first because “there’s no one to ask if there’s something you don’t understand”. Although this discourages people using other apps HelloChinese has real teaches available to answer any questions that may arise! Leave feedback on the app and someone will reply to your question in a matter of hours. So if you’re looking for something plausible, practical, and enjoyable just add HelloChinese to your New Year resolution and by next year you’ll be making a new resolution in Chinese!

If none of these plans seem to fit your schedule the teachers at HelloChinese would be more than happy to assist you in developing an individualized plan.


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