Want to Hear a Joke? (A Popular Game in China)

Recently there is a popular game among young Chinese who love to play it on WeChat. Actually, it’s less a game and more a joke. First, you need context. If I were to post a lot of text on my moment the reader would get the option to hit “Full Text” as seen in the image below. Therefore, some people have decided to use this to set up jokes. They start with a short sentence, something typical, then they hit enter a few times to hide the punchline. Here’s a typical joke set up:


So, some invented this trick: they input a short sentence but press a lot of “enter” to make it collapsed, so their friends have to press “Full text” to check the rest. The short sentence which is shown in the moment is a normal sentence, what is hidden is unexpected. The following are some funny “Full text”:






People can definitely get creative with this! If you have a joke in mind leave a comment with you joke, and we can make you a Chinese one!