HelloChinese Vocabulary Course is released on Memrise!

Now you can review your HelloChinese vocabulary on Memrise! All translation and audio are same as that in the app.

In order to give our users a better experience on learning Chinese, we decided to release this course. Start to review your vocabulary now. And let us know if you have any suggestion.

Check out the link here: http://www.memrise.com/course/976731/hellochinese-vocabulary/

Note: there are two HelloChinese courses on Memrise. One is not officially released by us. Please keep an eye on.






  • David

    Could you also offer a HelloChinese Vocabulary course with traditional characters on memrise? I could create it myself, but I think it would be much easier for you to do so, as you already have the list of the vocabulary with traditional characters + audio as you offer to use it in the app too. That would be great, thank you.