5 Things You Must Have in Summer of Beijing

For summer vacation, many people plan to visit Beijing, the capital of China. But summer is not a pleasant season. So if you are going to spend summer in Beijing, you need to know these things and phrases in Chinese.

1. 空调 (kōngtiáo) – Air conditioning. If I can only have one appliance for summer, that must be空调 (kōngtiáo).
开空调 (kāi kōngtiáo) = turn on air conditioning
关空调 (guān kōngtiáo) = turn off air conditioning
One funny thing is many Chinese are afraid of “cold”. In the public space such as office, you might be asked to turn off the air conditioning even in summer. My friend, a Chinese girl, once had a fight with her colleague because her colleague insisted on turning off air conditioning in 35 ℃.


2. 冰 (bīng) – ice. You might hear how Chinese are crazy about hot water. So you have to know this word for summer. Otherwise you will get hot or room temperate beverage. 冰 (bīng) + beverage name = iced beverage.
冰水 (bīng shuǐ) = iced water
冰咖啡 (bīng kāfēi) = iced coffee
冰可乐 (bīng kělè) = iced coke


3. 扇子 (shànzi) – fan. 扇子 (shànzi) means “hand fan”. I love it very much. It’s not just for cool but also beautiful. 扇子 (shànzi) is a part of Chinese culture. You can always find nice fans with Chinese elements. If you want an electronic fan, it should be 风扇 (fēngshàn) or 电扇 (diànshàn).


4. 清凉油 (qīngliángyóu) – something like Burt’s Bee Res-Q Ointment. Chinese believe it’s a magic product preventing you from mosquito bites and heatstroke.


5. 伞 (sǎn) – umbrella. You can see umbrellas everywhere in summer. Chinese girls prevent themselves from getting tan by umbrellas every day. You might not care about getting tan but it often showers in summer. So an umbrella is still necessary.


Now you know how to prepare for summer in Beijing. Get ready? Let’s go!