Ordering food: how to say “fried egg”

Like people in other countries, Chinese people like eggs. If you want your breakfast with eggs, do you know how to say all these in Chinese: fried egg, Sunny side up,Scrambled egg, omelet… #1. Fried egg  荷包蛋(hé bāo dàn) 荷包(hé bāo) is a small stuff which was very popular in ancient Chinese. People wear it for Read more about Ordering food: how to say “fried egg”[…]

“Well done” steak is not “好牛排”

Yes, Chinese food is one of the best food all over the world. But it doesn’t mean you won’t miss western style food when you are in China. So learning some resturant language is definitely important to you. For example, ordering steak. #1 Doneness Well done  全熟 quán shú Medium-well  七分熟 qī fēn shú Medium  五分熟 wǔ Read more about “Well done” steak is not “好牛排”[…]