“Well done” steak is not “好牛排”

Yes, Chinese food is one of the best food all over the world. But it doesn’t mean you won’t miss western style food when you are in China. So learning some resturant language is definitely important to you. For example, ordering steak. #1 Doneness Well done  全熟 quán shú Medium-well  七分熟 qī fēn shú Medium  五分熟 wǔ Read more about “Well done” steak is not “好牛排”[…]

Ready for the St. Patrick’s Day? Please No Green Hats!

March. 17th is the St. Patrick’s Day. Be ready for wearing green and getting drunk? But if you’re in China, make sure you won’t wear a green hat. Because “绿帽子(lǜ màozi)” is not something good in Chinese culture. “绿帽子(lǜ màozi)” literally means “green hat” while it’s also a slang for ” cuckold”. 他老婆给他戴了个绿帽子(tā lǎopó gěi Read more about Ready for the St. Patrick’s Day? Please No Green Hats![…]

Immerse Yourself in Chinese with SpeakChinese!

Have learned tons of words and sentence structures in Chinese and be eager to reach the next step and learn more conversational stuff? We are so very proud to introduce an additional app that we have created for our magnificent Mandarin learners. Have you completed the learning curriculum offered here in HelloChinese? Are you still Read more about Immerse Yourself in Chinese with SpeakChinese![…]