Immerse Yourself in Chinese with SpeakChinese!

Have learned tons of words and sentence structures in Chinese and be eager to reach the next step and learn more conversational stuff? We are so very proud to introduce an additional app that we have created for our magnificent Mandarin learners. Have you completed the learning curriculum offered here in HelloChinese? Are you still working on the lessons? Well, regardless of what stage you are at in your language learning, everyone can benefit from what we’re announcing. Here’s the inside story on one of our latest free additions we are offering as a part of your e-learning education. What’s the name of this app, you ask? SpeakChinese. Download link


SpeakChinese is currently available for iOS devices. Loaded with a range of levels jam-packed with listening and speaking lessons, this app checks your pronunciation and introduces you to verbal Chinese. But that’s not all! We are interested in introducing you to Chinese culture as well as language. With that said, the lessons we offer on SpeakChinese are specifically focused on giving you a cultural education.


Need to know how your Chinese girlfriend family think of you or set on going on a shopping spree in China? we have lessons on that! Once focused on the lesson’s dialogue, SpeakChinese makes you feel as if you are a performer on stage, immersing yourself within your role in the script they provide. It is designed to challenge you, inspire you, and make you even more excited about learning Mandarin Chinese.


We at SpeakChinese believe in you and are dedicated to helping you achieve your fluency goals! Make sure to try out this supplemental app, specifically designed by us to help you build your confidence when speaking in Chinese. Try it out, you driven international self-educators. We will be right there with you every step of the educational way.

  • Mimmokun

    Could you tell me when this will this be released for Android?