Ordering food: how to say “fried egg”

Like people in other countries, Chinese people like eggs. If you want your breakfast with eggs, do you know how to say all these in Chinese: fried egg, Sunny side up,Scrambled egg, omelet…


#1. Fried egg  荷包蛋(hé bāo dàn)

荷包(hé bāo) is a small stuff which was very popular in ancient Chinese. People wear it for decoration and pocket small things such as coin. It looks like this▼

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荷包蛋(hé bāo dàn) looks like a 荷包(hé bāo). That’s how it gets its name.

#2. Sunny side up 单面煎蛋(dān miàn jiān dàn)

单面(dān miàn)=one side, 煎蛋(jiān dàn)=fried egg. “Sunny side up” is a much more beautiful name than the Chinese 单面煎蛋。

In China fried egg and sunny side up are quite similar. We don’t think they are different things.


#3. Scrambled egg 炒蛋(chǎo dàn)

炒(chǎo)=stir-fry. Chinese people love 炒蛋. But we don’t eat 炒蛋 for breakfast. It’s hard for you to find 炒蛋 in the morning.

#4. Poached egg 水波蛋(shuǐ bō dàn)

水波(shuǐ bō)=water wave. 水波蛋 doesn’t on the Chinese menu but another kind of egg is similar as poached egg and popular. It’s called 水潽蛋(shuǐ pū dàn). The only difference is we have 水潽蛋 with water (usually sweetened)

timg (2)

#5. Boiled egg 白煮蛋(bái zhǔ dàn)

白=white, here it’s more like “plain”. 煮=boil. This is a pretty plain name and food. Many Chinese people don’t like it at all.

If you like soft-boiled egg, that is 溏心蛋(táng xīn dàn).

#6. Eggs benedict

#7. Eggs florentine

These two doesn’t exist in China at all. So no Chinese name and don’t even give it a try to order in Chinese resturants.

#8. Omelet 蛋饼(dàn bǐng)

Does omelet exist in China? I will say no. But Chinese 蛋饼 is similar as omelet somehow. It still not omelet. So be prepared to say good to your “omelet” if you travel to China.

timg (4)

#9. Tea egg 茶叶蛋(chá yè dàn)

茶叶(chá yè)=tea leaf. You can tell from the name. It is cooked with tea leaves. It is soooooo good. That’s the NO.1 egg on Chinese breakfast menu. You can find it everywhere.

timg (3)

  • Have you tried 茶叶蛋 before?
  • Which is your favorite one for breakfast?
  • Do you know how to say “yolk” and “egg white”?

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As a Chinese,我喜欢Omelet. So not Chinese.