No “快乐” for “Qingming jie”.

One of the traditional Chinese festivals is drawing near. You can call it Tomb-sweeping Day or the Qingming festival. It is usually on the fourth or fifth day of April. We usually clean the tombs for memorizing the deceased or relatives passed away.

Now you know why “happy+festival” formula doesn’t work for “Qingming jie”. Because it’s a sad day. Then let’s take a look at several useful phrases.

清明节你有什么计划(Qīngmíng jié nǐ yǒu shénme jìhuà)?Do you have any plan for Tomb-sweeping Day?

清明节我去扫墓(Qīngmíng jié wǒ qù sǎo mù)。I’m going to visit the graves (to pay respect).

我很怀念我的奶奶(wǒ hěn huáiniàn wǒ de nǎinai)。I’m missing my grandma so much.

As for Jiangnan region, the sweet green rice ball (also called Qingtuan) is very ancestor-worship clear offerings. It usually has sweet bean paste inside and the surface is made of glutinous rice. The green color is from green wheat juice. It tastes sweet, soft and a bit sticky. Nowadays, we have had the upgrade version of this traditional food. We have quite a range of its fillings, such as dried meat floss, salted egg yolk, vegetable, etc. It even becomes an online-star food. You may have to queue for 8 hours to get a taste of it. Do you want to have a try?