When you try to find cookies, which Chinese word should you use?

Speaking of cookies, many of you might know a word “饼干(bǐng gān)”.  A lot of textbooks say 饼干(bǐng gān) is the word for cookies. But if you tell a Chinese person: 我要吃饼干. He might take you to the grocery store and give you this:

As many other nouns, the range of 饼干(bǐng gān) is pretty wide: biscuits, crackers, cookies… Since cookies are not that popular in China, in most cases, 饼干(bǐng gān)= crackers.

Then how about 曲奇(qǔ qí)? 曲奇(qǔ qí) is a loanword for cookies. But in Chinese people’s mind, 曲奇(qǔ qí) looks like this:

One good method to get what you want is just to use the brand name.

奥利奥(ào lì ào)=Oreo

乐芝(lè zhī)=Ritz

趣多多(qù duō duō)=Chips Ahoy

If you do miss cookies, check out 赛百味(sài bǎi wèi) Subway, they always have chocolate chip cookies. ^_^

If you want to figure out the Chinese translation of any cookie brands, leave a comment.

If you want to try those cookies or crackers only exist in China, leave a comment to let me know.