China’s Airlines Ranking

United Airlines treated its customers like garbage, and their apology is even worse. The news is going virus even on Chinese social media. Actually no matter where you go, you will encounter some trouble on your flight. So we list the main airlines in China and hope that will help you get a happy travel. The rank is based on the Skytrax.

  1. 国泰航空(Guótài hángkōng) Cathay Pacific Airways
  2. 海南航公(Hǎinán hánggōng) Hainan Airlines
  3. 长荣航空(Chángróng hángkōng) EVA Air
  4. 南方航空(Nánfāng hángkōng) China Southern Airlines
  5. 中华航空(Zhōnghuá hángkōng) China Airline
  6. 中国国际航空(Zhōngguó guójì hángkōng) Air China
  7. 东方航空(Dōngfāng hángkōng) China Eastern Airlines

Sometimes the buget airlines is also a good choice.
廉价航空(Liánjià hángkōng) Budget airlines

  1. 春秋航空(Chūnqiū hángkōng) Spring Airlines
  2. 吉祥航空(Jíxiáng hángkōng) Lucky Airlines

Generally speaking the service of Chinese airlines is better than that in America. The biggest problem you might encounter is: delay.

延误(yánwù) = delay

No matter where you are and where you go, we wish you:

一路顺风(yī lù shùn fēng) Bon voyage