Let’s get a pair of shoes!

If you travel to China, shopping is one must-do thing and outfit is probably one of the most popular categories on your shopping list. So we’re going to learn some “outfit” words, especially “shoe” words today.

Men’s shoes

Speaking of shoes, many of you will have this image occur in your mind.

Actually a lot of men are also addicted to shoes, those sneakers.

  • 运动鞋(yùn dòng xié): sneakers/cross trainers
  • 网球鞋(wǎng qiú xié): tennis shoes
  • 跑步鞋(pǎo bù xié): running shoes

Although more and more Chinese people start to work out, most of us can’t tell the difference between tennis shoes and running shoes. So you’d better use 运动鞋 in general.

皮鞋(pí xié): dress shoes/leather shoes

皮=leather; 鞋=shoe, shoes.

Women’s shoes

For me, heels divide women into two different types.

  • 高跟鞋(gāo gēn xié): high heels
  • 平底鞋(gāo gēn xié): flats

我喜欢高跟鞋,但是我穿平底鞋(wǒ xǐhuān gāogēn xié, dànshì wǒ chuān píngdǐ xié )。

As the summer coming, you also need sandals and flip flops:

  • 凉鞋(liáng xié): sandals
  • 人字拖(rén zì tuō):flip flops

我最喜欢人字拖(wǒ zuì xǐhuān rén zì tuō)。

Getting all these words are helpful, but the most important thing is to get your Chinese shoe size. Generally speaking, Chinese people have small feet, which means the biggest challenge for you to get a pair of shoes is you can’t have big feet! For women, US size 6-7/Eur size 35-38 are most common here. If your size is larger than US 8/Eur 39, it will be hard for you to find shoes here! The best way for you then is to get a pair of tail-made shoes.

你喜欢什么鞋(nǐ xǐhuān shénme xié)?

今天你穿什么鞋(jīntiān nǐ chuān shénme xié)?

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