No “快乐” for “Qingming jie”.

One of the traditional Chinese festivals is drawing near. You can call it Tomb-sweeping Day or the Qingming festival. It is usually on the fourth or fifth day of April. We usually clean the tombs for memorizing the deceased or relatives passed away. Now you know why “happy+festival” formula doesn’t work for “Qingming jie”. Because Read more about No “快乐” for “Qingming jie”.[…]

April Fools’ Day: how to say “prank”.

First April Fools’ Day is 愚人节(yú rén jié). Although it is not a Chinese holiday, who doesn’t like some fun in a boring life? Many of you might have learned several relevant words: 骗(piàn): to cheat 说谎(shuō huǎng): to lie But the most important word you might not know: prank! 整(zhěng):to prank 恶作剧(è zuò jù):prank Read more about April Fools’ Day: how to say “prank”.[…]