HelloChina | 1 | How to Be Famous on Chinese Internet

On Today’s Podcast:
So you’re practicing your Chinese, you’re getting better and you think to yourself, “I think it’s time for me to be famous on Chinese Internet!” Well, if this is you, you’re in luck! We break down what it takes to get famous on the Internet in China, the stars of different types of channels and the language you would need to be an online celebrity as well!

If you’re in China, you need a VPN or check out iTunes or Ximalaya for the audio.

Language Takeaway:

微博(wēi bó): Weibo.com. A Chinese social media like Twitter.

大V(dà V): famous verified accounts.

关注(guān zhù): to follow (on the social media)

段子手(duàn zǐ shǒu): the funny accounts

宠物(chǒng wù): pets

明星(míng xīng): celebrity

红(hóng): popular

外国人(wài guó rén): foreigner

粉丝(fěn sī): green bean noodles or fans

喜剧(xǐ jù): comedy

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