HelloChina | 2 | Mukbang Groupies


Rachel Ahn, who goes by “Aebong-ee,” is among the top 100 most-watched mukbang stars in South Korea.

On Today’s Episode:
Ever want to go out and eat with your friends, but don’t feel like leaving your house or spending any time with your friends? Well, we’ve got the videos for you! We discuss the strange and exciting phenomenon in Asia known as mukbang where people sit around and eat tremendous amounts of food by themselves.

If you’re in China, you need a VPN or check out iTunes or Ximalaya for the audio.

Language Takeaway:

大胃王(dà wèi wáng): a person who can eat a lot.

孤独(gū dú): lonely

幸福(hěn xìng fú): happy, happiness

宅男/宅女(zhái nán /zhái nǚ): homebodies

吃得很香(chī de hěn xiāng): have an good appetite

可爱的(kě ài de): cute

小个子的(xiǎo gè zi de): tiny(not tall)

网红(wǎng hóng): internet celebrity

反差(fǎn chā): contrast

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