HelloChina | 3 | TV Shows to Watch to Improve Your Chinese

On Today’s Episode:
The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards aired Sunday on CBS. There are plenty of shows to help Chinese people learn English, but one question that we always get is, “what shows can I watch to practice my Chinese?”

We break down some of the best shows available to improve your Chinese.

If you’re in China, you need a VPN or check out iTunes or Ximalaya for the audio.

Language takeaway:

  • 家庭剧(jiā tíng jù):soap opera, family related.
  • 偶像剧(ǒu xiàng jù): soap opera, love story.
  • 情景喜剧(qíng jǐng xǐ jù): sitcom
  • 古装剧(gǔ zhuāng jù): costume piece
  • 战争剧(zhàn zhēng jù): war
  • 魔幻剧(mó huàn jù): fantasy

Good website to explore Chinese shows with English subtitle:


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