HelloChina | 4 | Chinese Names VS Western Names

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On today’s episode:
Choosing a name in both English and Chinese can be tricky if you’re new to the culture. You may have heard some pretty silly English names from your Chinese friends, but our Western friends tend to have equally silly names in Chinese! On this episode, we break down how to choose a name, some do’s and don’t and give you some advice on not having a Chinese name as silly as Jorge’s.

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Language Takeaway:

取名字(qǔ míngzì): pick a name

起名字(qǐ míngzì): pick a name

奇怪(qíguài): weird

好笑(hǎoxiào): funny

音译(yīnyì): transliteration

百家姓(bǎi jiā xìng): The Book of FAmily Names

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  • Doro K

    Thank you very much for this HelloChina. I once learned that there were certain ‘rules’ to chinese names, for example girl’s names often being flowers. Is this (or was it ever?) still valid? And are there more rules like that?

    I also didn’t find the link to the chinese name generator website.

    • HelloChinese

      你好. It’s still valid. It’s not a rule but more like a preference. Boys’ names tend to be “strong, powerful” while girls’ are more “cute, pretty”. But words for object usually don’t work. For example, 玫瑰 = rose. It’s not common for a name. But 玫 itself is a good option for girl’s name.
      The website is in the video. I tap it here: http://www.mandarintools.com/chinesename.html
      BTW if you have any topic you are interested in, leave us a comment.