HelloChina | 5 | MUST See Places in China

Modern Chinese. Modern China

If you’re studying Chinese, the best way is to practice is by visiting China. We’ve broken down some of our favorite places to visit depending on the type of person you are.

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Language Takeaway:

长城(cháng chéng):The Great Wall

故宫(gù gōng): The Forbidden City

异域风情(yì yù fēng qíng): exotic

旅游(lǚ yóu): travel, to travel

交通(jiāo tōng): transportation

住宿(zhù sù): accommodation

方便(fāng biàn): convenient

自然风光(zì rán fēng guāng): natural scenery

人文景观(rén wén jǐng guān): places of historic figures and cultural heritage

运动(yùn dòng): sport, work out

徒步(tú bù): hiking

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