HelloChinese | 7 | Getting Married in China

On this week’s podcast:
We discuss the do’s and don’t of going to weddings in China. Are you planning on getting married in China or planning to attend a friend’s wedding? Should you kiss the bride, arm wrestle grandpa? Probably not. Check it out!

We’ve been to weddings all over China and boy, do we have some stories we could share. It’s traditional to drink with the bridge and groom when they come to your table, but let’s just say, if you’re the only non-Chinese at this wedding, you’ll be drinking 10 times as much as anyone else!

Give us a shout if you have any stories related to going to Chinese weddings and we’ll bring them up on a future podcast. We love crazy wedding stories!

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Language Takeaway:

结婚(jié hūn): to marry

订婚(dìng hūn): to engage

买戒指(mǎi jièzhi): to buy wedding ring

钻石戒指(zuànshí jièzhi): diamond ring

对戒(duì jiè): wedding ring

拍婚纱照(pāi hūnshā zhào): to take wedding photos

订酒席(dìng jiǔxí): ordering banquet

接新娘(jiē xīnniáng): to pick up bride

新娘(xīn niáng): bride

新郎(xīn láng): groom

放鞭炮(fàng biānpào): to set off firecrackers

敬酒(jìng jiǔ): to toast

红包(hóng bāo): hongbao with cash

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