HelloChina | 9 | Corporate Culture: China vs The West

On today’s episode:
Have you ever dreamed of working for a company like Facebook or Pixar where you get to have cool pods, play ping pong, hired chefs and do whatever you want to get your creative juices flowing? Do you think that kind of company exists in China? Well, corporate culture is changing fast and lots of companies are trying to adapt to the new way of business. Take a look at this episode to see what kind of structure you prefer, the more rigid and strict or the more loose and free.

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Language Takeaway

wǎngluò kējì gōngsī

网络科技公司:Internet & Technology company

tōngxùn shèbèi gōngsī

通讯设备公司: telecom devices company

fángdìchǎn gōngsī

房地产公司: real estate company

chuàngyè gōngsī

创业公司: start up company

qǐyè wénhuà

企业文化: corporate culture

gōngzuò jiātíng pínghéng

工作家庭平衡: work and family balance

zhùzhòng dāngdì wénhuà

注重当地文化: respect local culture

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