HelloChina | 10 | First Chinese Bilingual School in the UK

On Today’s Episode:
The UK has just opened up its first bilingual primary school in Chinese. This is a huge step forward for Mandarin to become more important in the global landscape. Students from all over Europe, the USA, Russia and more are coming together in the UK to celebrate the Mandarin language. We look forward to a future where people all over the world can speak with each other in English, Mandarin, Spanish and all of the languages of the world!

In China, we’re no strangers to bilingual education. In Shanghai alone, there are over 100 bilingual and immersive schools for English. Many students today in China have a decent grasp on English and if you were to visit the major cities, you could get by pretty easily without ever having to speak Mandarin (but of course it helps!).

Visiting China can be pretty daunting if you have no Mandarin background so China has worked hard to make sure that most, if not all, signs are bilingual after the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. Now, it’s quite easy to travel around.

Who knows? Maybe one day in the USA or the UK, we’ll be able to find Mandarin translations on street signs and businesses! As the world continues to grow smaller and we spread out more, we look forward to a world where every language is learned and used throughout. It sure would make it easier to share the beauty of the West with Chinese friends and share the beauty of the East with our Western friends!

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Language Takeaway

小学 Xiao xue
Primary School

zài Měiguó yǒu hěn duō 在美国有很多
In America, there are alot.

wǒ hěn duō tóngxué zài Měiguó de shuāngyǔ xuéxiào gōngzuò 我很多同学在美国的双语学校工作
I have a lot of classmates working in bilingual schools in America.

wǒ de hǎo péngyǒu tā zài DC de shuāngyǔ xuéxiào gōngzuò 我的好朋友他在DC的双语学校工作
My good friend works in a bilingual school in Washington, D.C.

tā men bu shì zhǐ yǒu huáyì 他们不是只有华裔
They’re not Chinese heritage.

chúle shuāngyǔ xuéxiào chénjìn shì xuéxiào  hé chénjìn shì xiàngmù 除了双语学校沉浸式学校 和沉浸式项目
Besides bilingual schools, immersive schools and immersive projects. 

zài Shànghǎi yǒu yī bǎi suǒ shuāngyǔ xuéxiào 在上海有一百所双语学校
There are 100 bilingual schools in Shanghai. 

tā men yòng zhōngwén jiāo shùxué 他们用中文教数学
They use Chinese to teach Math.

nǐ bù yòng zuò nanny. zài Zhōngguó yǒu hěn duō shuāngyǔ xuéxiào. wǒ men xūyào hěn duō yīngyǔ lǎoshī. 你不用做nanny在中国有很多双语学校。我们需要很多英语老师
You don’t need a nanny. In China, there are lots of bilingual schools. We need a lot of English teachers. 

wǒ men yào shùxué lǎoshī. 我们要数学老师
We want Math teachers. 

tǐyù lǎoshī 体育老师
P.E. Teachers

jiāo yù 教育

shuāngyǔ xuéxiào 双语学校
bilingual school

chénjìn shì xuéxiào沉浸式学校
Immersive school

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