HelloChina | 11 | Chinese Festivals of the Dead

On Today’s Episode:

Halloween is always a ton of fun, right? Kids dressing up? Halloween parties? Trick or treats! It’s always been a day of fun and silliness. Well, China has festivals for their dead too, but…well, they’re not so fun. They’re a little more literal in the sense that they are there to celebrate those that have passed on and for ancestors. On today’s episode, we break down the three big festivals to honor those that have passed on.

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Language Takeaway

鬼guǐ: ghost

万圣节wàn shèng jié: Halloween

道具服/化妆 dào jù fú /huà zhuāng costume

南瓜灯 nán guā dēng  Jack-o-lantern

清明节 qīng míng jié  4月4号/5号

中元节 zhōng yuán jié  lunar calendar Jul.15th

冬至 dōng zhì  12月21, 22

祭祀jì si: to offer sacrifices to one’s ancestors

烧纸钱shāo zhǐ qián: paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead.

香烛xiāng zhú joss sticks and candles(burnt when sacrificing to the gods or ancestors)

中国人的态度zhōngguó rén de tàidù: The attitude of Chinese people

尊敬zūn jìng:respectful

怕 pà: scared


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