6 Great Resources to Get around China!

Yearning to visit China but nervous about how you’re going to travel throughout the country? Well, you’re in luck because we’re speaking about six modes of transportation you can use while in China. 1. High speed train (From city to city) Called 高铁(gāo tiě) in Mandarin Chinese, China’s high-speed trains are truly remarkable. Hop from city Read more about 6 Great Resources to Get around China![…]

A Typical Breakfast in Beijing.

Since China is large, cuisines in different area is so different. When I moved to Beijing, I tried to find 小笼包(xiǎolongbāo) and 生煎(shengjiān), which are common for breakfast in Shanghai, but I failed. Instead I found 肉夹馍(ròujiāmó) near my office, which people never eat for breakfast in Shanghai. So today, we will explore what we Read more about A Typical Breakfast in Beijing.[…]

Every Day in China Holds a Surprise

Guest Post: Marlon Gonzalez I have been in China for over four months now, and I can honestly say that every day I find myself asking, “Did that really just happen?” because so many odd things happen in China. At a certain point I started anticipating surprises, and right one cue China delivers. Some of Read more about Every Day in China Holds a Surprise[…]

What You Need to Know Before Celebrating Chinese Christmas

Christmas (圣诞节, shèngdànjié) is right around the corner! If you have never spent your Christmas in China these traditions will definitely make you think, and for the readers who have celebrated Chinese Christmas hopefully this post will bring about happy memories. 1. 苹果 (píngguǒ, apple) Earlier in the month, I talked with my colleagues about the Read more about What You Need to Know Before Celebrating Chinese Christmas[…]